T20 team news vs Hawkesbury (23/06/19)

T20 Sunday. Meet at Hawkesbury for 2pm for a 2.30pm start. No meet at shed but if you need a lift contact Ryan.

R Malpass, T Hancock, A Ballard, B Dolbear, A Holloway, R Western, B Holloway, P Hall, E Paddock, G Parrott & AN Other

Saturday (22/06/19) Team News

1st XI vs Westbury (h) R Malpass, P Hall, A Holloway, B Holloway, G Dolling, A Ballard, R Western, J Seal, J Dolbear, E Rendall & T Deakin 12.00 at the Shed

2nd XI vs Randwick (a) G Parrott, B Dolbear, R Hoddinott, T Hancock, J Hayward, S Rice, D Hall, J Gray, M Booth, A Philp & O Mears 12.25 at the Shed

3rd XI vs Frampton (h) S Ballard, S Lane, B Lane, J Stuart, A Casse, G Thomas, O Kinsey, C Moore, L Baker, G Brown & S Bradford 12.25 at the Shed

The Shed renovation project

The Shed has been the home of local Cricket, Football and Tennis clubs for a long time and is in dire need of some TLC. We have already started the process but are in dire need of additional funds to make it even better. Please help us by donating to the cause and making it a more pleasurable place to be in by visiting our justgiving.com page by clicking here

Youth Meeting

Please note there is a youth committee meeting Monday 10 June at 19.30. Can all coaches, team managers and helpers attend so we can review the start of the season and identify any weaknesses we can improve on

Club Sponsor

Just a reminder, we still have no main sponsor for our shirts, so again, if you have a business and would like to associate it with our successful first team, now is your chance, a package including our shirts, and advertising board with your logo on our club house is available, at a very competitive rate, so don’t be shy, sponsor Cam Cricket Club !!