About Us

Cam Cricket Club is a thriving home for cricketers of all abilities. We offer all visitors and indeed prospective new members a warm welcome.

Our sides accommodate cricketers young and old, from a thriving junior section, “leisure” cricketers to keen club cricketers playing league cricket at varying levels from the lower reaches of the Stroud District League to the heights of the Gloucestershire County League.

New members, playing or social, are more than welcome to swell the numbers at our lovely home grounds. Our main ground on the Everlands Road, has been the home of the 1st XI & 2nd XI since the 1970s. There is a change for the 3rd and 4th XI this year. Our 3rd XI will play their games at The Commoners in Nympsfield while our 4th XI will be playing in the picturesque setting of The Green at Frampton on Severn.


In the 1870’s the game was growing in popularity and a club had already been established in Dursley under the presidency of Arthur Winterbotham ‘a ardent lover of the game’ and local Justice of the Peace. Each August Arthur Winterbotham collected a team composed of his personal friends for what became referred to as Cam cricket week and his side played under the name of Cam Wanderers against the likes of Clifton, Gloucester, Cirencester & Stroud.

The Matches took place ‘upon an excellent piece of ground in front of Norman Hill House’ in Cam –  the residence of Mr Winterbotham. From at least 1879 until 1885 regular fixtures were recorded under the Name of Cam Cricket Club and played on the Norman Hill pitch. A full management committee was in place with Arthur as president and Herbert Winterbotham as Captain. From 1885 Home fixtures were also played ‘on the ground of the former Tillsdown’.​

In 1923 some land was acquired from the Richard Hicks Charity by Cam Mills Ltd., who’s chairman was Herbert Winterbotham who by that time was also the President of the Cam Cricket Club. It was his intention to ‘put the land the way of the parish for sports’. Cam Recreation Ground Limited was set up that year after a public meeting with 800 shares issued and the pavilion was built in 1926 at a cost of £300. Herbert Winterbotham died before completion of the new facilities.

There were however some compromises – the size of the ground was kept small and square to make it ‘ too small for horse racing which did not go very well with ball games and might damage the pitches’. There was also a prohibition on the sale of intoxicating liquor and matches could not be played on the ground on Sundays.

The club eventually started playing some away games on Sunday’s intermittently from the late 50’s but generally in the 60s Cam players turned out for Stone on Sundays. The restriction was revoked in the 70’s to enable home games to take place. Cam Sports Club was established in 1980 and saw the first bar on the ground.

The club have run 2 sides from the 1880’s and in the past 20 years have often fielded 3 Saturday and 3 Sunday sides. Youth Cricket plays a large part in the modern Club and we have a proud tradition of running youth sides and have done so continuously since 1972